SAG offers a full range of inspection, certification, and testing services for all types of lifting equipment and accessories to ensure they are legislative or health and safety requirements. With local and international standards.

The services that we provide both onshore and offshore locations comprise of witnessing, commissioning, and testing of lifting equipment, load testing of lifting equipment, periodic inspections and recertification of lifting tackles and equipment.

By considering safety and economy of the project is is always advisable that all the earth moving machinery which is working on the site is in as new condition. SAG offers complete through visual inspection of earth moving machinery like excavator, backhoe loader, roller and all the category.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) comprises a vast array of analytical techniques that are applicable to a wide range of industries. These techniques can identify and assess defects and examine the properties of all kinds of materials and structures without causing any damage. As NDT in no way alters the part or structure under inspection, an extremely useful technique can lead to cost and time savings when applied to product evaluations, asset management and fault identification and repair.

This method is used for examination of ferromagnetic material, both structural and non-structural carbon steel and low alloy steel welds, HAZ and parent material, production equipment, semi finished and machined surfaces.

Magnetic Particle Testing is done by inducing a magnetic field in a ferromagnetic material and dusting the surface with iron particles. Surface imperfections will distort the magnetic field an concentrate the iron particles near the imperfections, thus indicating their presence

This method is used for the examination of both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic material, welds, drilling and production equipment, raw, semi-finished, and machined surfaces.

Liquid penetrant testing is probably the most widely used NDT method. The test object or material is coated with a visible or fluorescent dye solution. The excess dye is removed from the surface, and then a developer is applied. The developer acts like a blotter. It draws penetrant out of the imperfections which are open to the surface. With visible dyes, the vivid color contrast between the penetrant and the developer makes the bleed easy to see. An ultraviolet lamp is used to make the bled out fluorescent brightly, thus allowing the imperfection to be seen clearly.

This practice is applicable to manual ultrasonic thickness testing(UTT) of base materials in plates, tubes, pipes, tanks, vessels, casting and forging having a nominal wall thickness of 0.050 Inch (1.2mm) to 6 Inches (150mm) in accordance with the referenced codes and standards.

Ultrasonic Testing uses transmission of high frequency sound waves into a material to detect imperfections within the material or changes in material properties. The most commonly used ultrasonic testing method is Pulse Echo, wherein sound is introduced into the test object and reflections are returned to a receiver from internal imperfections and geometrical surfaces of the part.

Visual examination can be performed on any number of items or components such as structural welds, tools, threaded connections, castings, forgings or other machined parts. This method is used to identify defects, poor workmanship, or materials that are not in compliance with client specification


Our company is a leader in specialized maintenance services for the oil & gas and power plant industries. Our experienced technical team provides outstanding trouble shooting services, ensuring that any maintenance work is completed efficiently and effectively. With our unparalleled expertise and customer service, we are able to provide our clients with the highest quality maintenance services available.

We are dealing with business in the below field of maintenance.

At our company, we take pride in providing reliable and quality service maintenance contracts for oil & gas and power plant shutdowns. We have successfully completed shutdowns for the past three years, earning a reputation for excellence among our customers. Our service contracts provide them with peace of mind knowing that their plants are being serviced by experienced professionals with the highest level of precision. Furthermore, we are more than happy to provide testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Our scaffolding section, Vision, uses standards and process to properly install the scaffolding in accordance with client requirements. Our knowledgeable and License technicians provide superior scaffolding installation services in accordance with job specifications and comprehensive inspection Tagging.

We committed and utilizing the most recent inspection technologies, we pledge to offer the best service in the oil and gas industries for blasting and coating.

Our support in Blasting & painting

  • Surface Preparation with different type of profile test.
  • Paint Delivery
  • Method of statement for execute procedure.
  • Deployed Trained competent Technician
  • Ensure Quality and Quality control

  • Multi kilometre Flow line Fabrication and hook up end to end.
  • Demolishing works.
  • Cold Cutting with different size of pipe lines by Manual as well as Pneumatic.
  • Structural Fabrication.
  • Hydro – Test.
  • Hydraulic Torquing.
  • Cleaning with High Pressure Jet wash.
  • New Spare parts Machining as per requirement & drawing

Our service consists of technical with experienced maintenance team on board to ensure the equipment is running optimally.

Our Pump Maintenance Packages provide you a comprehensive planned maintenance schedule for your site. These include two services a year as standard, covering all major equipment, mechanical and electrical & instrument components to ensure that your site is running efficiently.

Job for us to complete in Beam pump

  1. Preventive Maintenance
  2. Corrective Maintenance
  3. Unit shifting
  4. New Unit Installation & Commissioning
  5. Well integrity Test.